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Arriving by Taxi

Bratislava's taxis are normally trustworthy. A good way of taking care is always making sure the taxi driver turns the meter on. Take always taxis with a company stamped on it. There are a lot of "black" taxis in bratislava. Most of them likes to make an extra profit on tourists. Be careful! Use always company taxis or taxis that you order via phone.

Every taxi services has different fare tariff: from 0,40 € to 0,60 € per km if ordered by telephone, or 0,60 € to 1 € per km if hailed down on the street. The starting fee is between 1 and 1.5 euros and the waiting fee is between 0.10 and 0.15 cents. Taxi drivers are obliged to issue receipts on request.

Here is the list of some of the Bratislava's Taxi companies:

  Company name   Phone
  Hello Taxi   +421-2-16321
  Express Taxi   +421-2-4444 2332
  Maxi Taxi   +421-2-16789
  Lady Taxi   +421-2-16011
  Merci Taxi   +421-2-16168
  Caribic Taxi   +421-2-16555
  Line Taxi   +421-2-16555
  Alfa Taxi   +421-2-16077
  Nay Taxi   +421-2-6453 1144
  Super Taxi   +421-2-16616
  AA Taxi Euro   +421-2-16022
  Fun Taxi   +421-2-16777
  Prima Taxi   +421-2-16661
  Trend Taxi   +421-2-16302
  Taxi Transtel   +421-2-16301
  BP Taxi   +421-2-16999
  Yellow Expres   +421-2-4444 1111
  ABC Taxi   +421-2-16100
  Delta Taxi   +421-2-16016
  Otto Taxi   +421-2-16322
  BA Prvá Taxi   +421-2-16333
  Profi Taxi   +421-2-16222
  VIP Taxi   +421-2-16666


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