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The capital of Slovak Republic. Read more about the City and discover the "Pearl on the Danube"...

Bratislava is the political, cultural and sporting capital of Slovak Republic. The city's cultural scene is a product of various influences: Slovak, German, Hungarian and Jewish. Bratislava has a long musical heritage, and many of the city's attractions center around classical music. Bratislava also has a wide offering of museums and galleries. Bratislava has numerous coffee shops and restaurants, offering national and international cuisine, as well as many bars and clubs.


Bratislava is located in the southwest corner of Slovakia. Bratislava is unusual in two ways: Bratislava is a new capital city, especially when compared to most capital cities in Eastern Europe and Bratislava shares borders with both Hungary and Austria.

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Bratislava's summers tend to be wet, so when traveling during this season, it is important to bring appropriate clothing. August is warm and dry, and winters are cold with freezing temperatures.

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Generally, Bratislava is a walking city. The center is very small and cosy and you can easily walk from one side to another in several minutes. Public transport in Bratislava consists of buses, trams, and trolleybuses. The rail system serves Slovakia as well as international points of destination.

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