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Apartmán Lenivý kocúr

Apartment "U leniveho kocúra" (By Lazy Tomcat), a magical place in Banská Štiavnica.


Welcome to the Airport-Bratislava.sk

Welcome to the website of virtual airport of Bratislava. We advise you to read Frequently Asked Questions before proceeding.

This site has been established to provide the relevant information about civil aviation, air travel and related travel industry news in Slovakia and Europe. All the information you will find here is up-to-date, however we reserve the right to change it anytime.  

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Začiatok n.f. - Start AF

The purpose of the non-investment fund „Začiatok n.f.“ (Start AF) is the pooling of funds intended for the performance of generally beneficial purposes such as support for childcare and youth and also disadvantaged groups in their education, material and technical provision, arrangement of excursions, thematic tours, assistance in applying for the job market, promotion of sporting, cultural and social activities and so on. Airport-Bratislava.sk appreciates the work of non-investment fund and therefore it supports its work. As a further contribution to the Fund, we decided to publish the report for free. Help you also support the non-investment fund and its activities. Help others "Start" your way ...

Informatin that you need:

Name/Meno: Začiatok n.f.

Legal form/Právna forma: Neinvestičný fond

IČO: 45731918



Street/Ulica: Hurbanova 1/3

Register number/Súpisné číslo: 557

ZIP/PSČ: 965 01

Town/Obec: Žiar nad Hronom


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